Monday, 17 November 2008

The Beauty Secrets of a Geologist

I recently encountered one of those surveys which wend their way around the internet and seem to serve little purpose, save offering us diversion from whatever it is that we are meant to be doing, and, betimes, giving us some insight into the manner in which we are similar to or different from those of our friends who have also answered the questions. This particular survey was on the topic of “fashion”. I, like many other geologists, am not terribly “fashion conscious”, preferring “comfort” over style, and I made the decision as a very young person that, unless I happened to be on stage for some reason, to never wear makeup. Therefore I found it appalling to read the answers some of my friends gave to the question inquiring as to their “beauty routine”. What is it that causes some people to equate “beauty” with slathering their faces with expensive goos? I nearly avoided the entire survey as a result of my reaction.

However, I then thought about it a bit more asking myself, do I, a sensible geologist with a “natural” look, have a “beauty routine”? It turns out that I do, so I thought I would share my secrets with you, so you can all be as beautiful as I.

* Maintain a positive attitude/outlook on life

* Smile often

* Refrain from gossip

* Stay out of the direct sunlight as a general rule (wear hats in the field!)

* Get plenty of exercise; do more than 20 minutes of yoga every day.

* Eat a healthy diet in moderate quantities; eat fresh vegetables, fruit and a variety of grains, nuts & seeds

*Whenever possible, eat only home-made items; avoid processed and commercially manufactured "foods".

* Shower regularly.

* Keep hair long, clean and tangle-free (braids are useful here!)

Given the level of shock one of my fellow PhD students expressed when she discovered my age the other day (I’m nearly twice her age); I think my routine is working.


Silver Fox said...

These are beautiful beauty secrets, and healthy ones, too! Thanks.

Arctic-mermaid said...

Rock on. And beautiful inside, where it counts.

Keep on keeping on.