Tuesday, 10 November 2009

note to self

This note to self isn’t really needed, anymore, having just had to make the change for 27 different figures in 19 CorelDraw documents; I think I will remember forever. However, sometimes it comforts others to hear about my silly mistakes; therefore I’ll say it here publicly:

Photos of thin sections are taken in either crossed-polarized or plane-polarized light. Just because plane polarized light photos tend to be less colourful than crossed-polarized light photos does not make them “plain”.

That’s it. You may now resume your other blog reading. Hope my lesson brought a smile to your face.


Mathias said...

What method and instruments did you use to make those fotos? They look great. Especially the wide field of view.

A Life Long Scholar said...

I used the set up they have at the University of Tasmania for doing automated microscopy. I don't recall the particulars of the system, the camera might be an Olympus? It is attached to a microscope with a computer-controlled stage. We tell it how big to make the photos, and it takes as many photos as it needs to take to achieve that, and stitches them together afterwards. I love it because one can often see details zooming into the photos (5 MB for one file in the original format) that I can't make out with the student-miscropes to which I otherwise had access. Sorry I can't remember the detail of the make/model of the camera, scope and programs needed to run them.