Friday, 8 January 2010

resolve to return to reading 1000 words from the geologic literature again

Now that I’ve nearly completed my travels (only one more weekend of adventures to survive till I return to Europe and my experiments) I’m finally looking at the spreadsheet wherein I track my progress on my goal of reading 1000 words from the geologic literature every day. It turns out that I have made no attempt to do this since 15 December, which has done bad things to my totals. During the 725 days which elapsed between starting this goal for the first time and submitting my thesis last June I managed to do my reading 96% of the days, with a total of 11 different times I had to re-start my count (normally only missing a single day between counts). In the 206 days since I turned in my thesis I’ve only managed to do my reading on 62% of the days, with nine different re-starts of my count, and up to three weeks at a time not reading. Clearly, I have not been giving this goal the attention it deserves, and it is time to start doing so once again. I strongly suspect that had I made the time to do such reading while travelling, I would also have made the time to do some work, since there is nothing like thinking about what others are researching to inspire one to make progress on one’s own research. Wish me luck in sticking to this goal despite having a large Medieval Themed event on this weekend’s schedule, wherein I will get to visit with many people I’ve not seen in years.

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