Wednesday, 19 January 2011

on musicians, Phd's, and following one's dreams

I should be working, but instead I have been enjoying catching up on reading various social networking sites and some blogs I follow. Today's highlight is a guest post on FSP's blog written by an MSP she knows. It is a very good comparison between the life of a graduate student with the life of a musician. It was written in response to those folk who say that doing a PhD is a waste of time. In that respect I don't know how effective it will be; perhaps those same folk will also think that being a musician is a waste of time. Be that as it may, I enjoyed the comparison. To my mind any life which follows one's personal interests and passions and encourages one to strive to better oneself in one's chosen field(s) is a good thing!

Ok, now it is time to close my web browser, open those files I was working on before heading north at New Years and see if I can find exactly the right words to describe the research with which I was occupied for the past 1.5 years so that I may share it with the world via a journal article…


Anthea said...

Thank you once again discussing this issue of whether a PhD is a waste of time. I figure that we only live once so it makes sense to do something that challenges you, that's your passion and makes you feel that its worthwhile to get up every day. There's no rule that we all have to be the same and I think that peopel who state that a PhD is a "waste of time" are just jealous and envious that someone decided to be different and have a life of the mind. Doing a PhD is often, I think, seen as threatening since it shows difference.


Higher Learning said...

I completely agree with your comment about following one's dreams! It's so important in life, and there are so few people that do this. Nowadays, people are simply interested in going for the big money jobs, and forget to do the things they love. I am glad you made a post about this! :)