Monday, 30 July 2012

Tasmanian Metemorphic Geology; It is wilder than you think.

This morning I received comments from reviewers on the manuscript I recently submitted.  I was delighted to see that they recommend that the article be accepted, after minor revision.  Even more than that, I am very happy that one of them took the time to actually read the text closely enough to catch some important typographic errors.  Of all of them that he found, my favourite is:  " wildly distributed throughout Tasmania". 

While, I have, on occasion, used the term “in the wild” when referring to rock types I have personally seen on a outcrop in the field (as opposed to in a rock collection in a lab or museum), I am quite certain that what I was thinking when I typed that phrase (and must have thought I saw on every subsequent re-read of the manuscript) was “widely distributed”.  My thanks to this reviewer, and to all reviewers who take the time to be certain that such errors never make it to the published version of a document.

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