Saturday, 13 February 2010

more rocks seen whilst at the short course

On Thursday afternoon I made a bit of time to do a longer walk around Verbania. In the course of the walk I found a variety of other locations wherein retaining walls were built upon outcrop, giving a good idea of how much material must have been removed in order to put in the roads. I like the way the bottom of the wall changes with the underlying ground, but the top stays smooth.

I also found a few places where the houses themselves had been built directly onto outcrop.

The view from the docks includes islands, birds, and mountains just showing through the haze of the day.

Noteworthy bits of stone architecture included an impressive gateway,

a cute little house that seems to have grown out of the hill,

and a lovely old stone house, all of which made good use of the local schist.

As we made our way home on Friday, I stopped to take a photo of the quarry by the train station (about 6 or 7 km from the point upon which the town is centered. I strongly suspect that this is the source of the lovely igneous rock which made up the walls in my last post.

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Anahi said...

Great pictures - thanks for sharing! Glad that the locals were able to find such nice uses for all the piles of schist.