Saturday, 21 August 2010

My flight to Budapest

I flew to Budapest this morning, to attend the upcoming IMA2010 Conference (Aug. 21-27, Budapest). When I finally turned on the computer this evening there was an e-mail from the conference organizers announcing that this event “includes in its programme 13 plenary lectures: seven IMA2010 Plenary talks and six Elements5 talks (the latter celebrating the 5th anniversary of our excellent journal). The topics cover all representative areas, and they are tailored for a broad audience, while the authors are well-recognized experts in their fields, but also attractive speakers.” They also announce that those of you who weren’t able to come out for the meeting can still follow along at home by listing to their live web casting (end public service announcement).

Because I had a morning flight it was necessary to leave my home at 04:00 to begin my journey to the airport. Therefore I decided to just stay up all night, thinking “I can sleep on the plane”. However, what I failed to consider was that the flight path went along the south side of the Alps, for a rather large portion of the range’s extent. Consequently, while I did nap in the bus on the way to the airport, and at the airport itself, I spent the flight with my eyes focused out the window, enjoying the lovely view. Some of the peaks in the second row in still have snow on them, which sight is balm to eyes that have had to endure summer’s heat. I have no idea where I’ll be going when my current contract ends, but I sure hope it is somewhere that I can see (and walk in!) mountains on a daily basis.


Ron Schott said...

Thanks for the heads up about the live webcasts. Do you know what time zone the schedule is posted for? (GMT+/-?)

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of the Alps. Enjoy the conference!

A Life Long Scholar said...

The local time zone is GMT+1, so I'm guessing that is the time published.